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Time Is Right To Write Your Own #DifferentNarratives



It’s Opportunity.


Let’s start from what they say about history. That history is a recount of the past. And that past regards this screen shot of a commitment we made to start a journey of a thousand miles with a single step.

That journey is Biz HUB.
Biz HUB is a  TWIC brainchild.  It was inspired by the current huge youth unemployment rate. We are guided to guide youth to embrace Talent and talent monetization alternatives to beat unemployment.

I call it a different Narrative since Winstontony is a personal case study of how my art of stories turned out to shape my adult career.

BIZ HUB thus is a forum that gives ‘Opportunity’ to those who and or we interact with. It’s weekly only that each week we have a new theme and new speakers.

Currently and as a matter of growth, we are partnering with a couple of other young entrepreneurs who are Enthusiastic about scaling the BizHub mission higher. We have had sessions since January 2017 with a few breaks in between.

Start of this week and as we look forward to Friday this week, we are at week forty. That tallies at twelve weeks to go in 2017.

Every week we have a designated theme. Upon which we have three speakers talking  about that business Theme to a bunch of business enthusiasts interested in that line of business. Such speakers are guys pursuing business at execution level not necessarily Industry pros but not Jerks.
This happens every Friday evening from 5.30 pm to 8.30pm. Upon which we charge a small fee  to facilitate logistics.
Currently we are holed up on the first floor of some hotel in Nairobi CBD called Paris Hotel opp Cianda mkt Mfangano street. Owing to some not so constant factors, the location might change but not with prior notice.
We call it “opportunity” And yes it’s a land of opportunity. We are borrowing from a different Narrative. We want to see chaps inspired to write and follow their own Narratives objectively to help beat the nuisant youth unemployment. Yes we can. Guided by the success and rich implementable knowledge and practicality of their peers.
May be we get a little bit more precise: The word is ‘Opportunity’ So precisely, BizHub is all but about opportunity. So those who interact with BizHub get to be part of a mentorship network that follows the following specific objectives:
4.Talent and talent monetization
Following is a further elaboration for  the various specific objectives to present a finer outlook:
The Opportunity is presented by aspect of getting to be around people who are doing it first hand and getting to tap on their first hand experience at business. And that opportunity is morphed into the aspects of Brand Building, Career_Work and Talent Monetization.
Personal branding rule book number two states “Build a network” Yes the world is grown into a global village thanks to technology. Networks are success. At BizHub we believe every one knows something that someone else who knows something else doesn’t know. Through networking, ideas are exchanged.
The world is delicately fractured and people are seeking happiness. A kind if force to help them gravitate forward towards that point of starting the proverbial a thousand miles journey with a single step! Biz HUB offers inspiration. Veteran Enterpreneurs talk business Enthusiasts into putting their best foot forward.
Talent and Talent Monetization
The primary idea behind BIZ HUB continues to be, enabling beneficiaries to appreciate inate talents and as a result embrace diverse talent monetization alternatives as part of our jab at helping solve for unemployment menace.
Bottom line, we believe a talented, well networked individual who finds opportunity is inspired and that is in essence Empowerment. Our idea of Empowerment is embracing peer to peer mentorship to help a youth become a better version of what they were test day.
How far are we?
We are yes, not very far but grateful that we are in motion not immobilized. We have done a session each Friday since the dawn of 2017. And hoping to get big and better granted the support of all well wishers and the ever rising BIZ HUB Community.

All along we have been on refinery mode nine months gone now. We have had sessions covering diverse areas just to mention but a few: Hair and beauty, Modelling, Fashion, Beauty and Make_up, Photography, Talk_preneurship, Blogging, Drawing Art, Digital Marketing, Transition, Technology and most recently some enticing session on Breaking the Business Ceiling. Aluta Continua.

Our idea is different since we are interested in the process. You and I understand with the Internet age, there exists overnight success stories that promise results but delete the *PROCESS* which is well, exasperating. Our continuous assessment and commitment to improvement has culminated into five sub sections for the overall BizHub initiative as follows;
Biz HUB options

¹Weekly: Business Conversations

² Monthly: Entrepreneurs CAFe

³ Quarterly: Business Forums


Over time we will be back here to elaborate on the specific items. And perhaps give you a deeper guided  insight into each item in a widened scope.

As elaborated in the objective section of this write up above, our ultimate goal at BizHub is to create an all rounded problem solving oriented Entrepreneurs ecosystem that’s responsive to the current and future generations needs. This is our little thing at embracing the Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs) and Millennium Development Goals inspired by the vision 2030 of a poverty free world!

Going forward and guided by the kind of lessons that we’ve picked along the way, we are changing operations over here at BizHub. How? Normally we’d meet for about two hours Brainstorming about a given theme: choose Photography. That two hours was not enough. We thus changed tact. We are starting last quarter of 2017, going to have a widened Industry based discussion that sprouts through a quarter: three months. Broken down into three (monthly) subsections that further breakdown to twelve (weekly) key areas. It thus creates a chicken and egg story scenarion. For the quarterly Business forum to succeed, the monthly Entrepreneurs café and weekly conversation sessions should succeed and vice versa. In the ongoing quarter, we have an elaborate calendar on MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT business Opportunities. Please plan to purpose to participate. Welcome.


“What will happen if I miss?” We are peace loving people. So nothing entirely bad will happen when you miss. And no we will not beat you up. Neither shall we quarrel. But you will have missed on an opportunity. So when you have some two hours to chase on Friday evening, please join us and let’s do this together.

“Come on guy. Am a tied busy human being. The only break I get get is tea break. Does it mean am doomed?” Life is like that buddy. We all find ourselves in such circumstances in this rate rave called life. It happens. I want to tell you you are not alone in this. But no you are not doomed. What of then you keep a tab here and get to read our every Friday blog covering the facet under discussion? Is it a plan? And yes those weekly blogs will culminate into a digital booklet by close of every quarter titled for that quarter Industry under discussion. This booklet will be available online for you to purchase at a small fee. When the financial gods allow, we might put the four quarters together in a book you can smell as you navigate the pages around the same time the year ends. However, you will contend with missing the wisdom of the speakers at our heated sessions. So do your maths.

“These words; Conversations, café, Forums,  read like they mean a lot of things. What exactly do you guys talk about at the BizHub? Rather what is it do you right about?”  in this kind of set up however they tend to mean one and the same thing only that the discussion gets deeper at every ascend; Conversations, Cafe, Forum. Point normally is, we have a quarterly theme we discuss backwards broken down into monthly then weekly as enumerated somewhere in this write up pointing towards the chicken and egg story. Under every theme which by extension represents an industry sector  or sub_sector we delve into Industry backgrounds, we use business terminologies. We talk of Industry SWOT analysis, business models, revenue models, we discuss business Breaking even and end at the various available business opportunities around that Industry theme before concluding and when the financial gods allow toast to a cup of coffee. I guess you might get interested. (in the terms not coffee)” Welcome and keep tuned

You guy you said we are parting with a pound of flesh to attend these sessions?” BizHub is an initiative of the people by the people and for the people. (Those might be words of Abraham Lincoln) In as much as we run our veins dry to be self sustaining, we will obviously grow to Heights when we get the blessed backing of well wishers, policy formulators, Industry players, Funders, Sponsors, Governments and players of vested interests to meet and exceed our goals at hand. In your personal capacity rather, No! You don’t part with a pound of flesh. Neither do you lose even a pint of blood. Not when we want you to come, attend again and tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend that’s there’s a BizHub Community out here committed to turn around a generation. However in as much as you won’t lose a pint of blood, you will part with Kshs 200 for the weekly Business Conversations sessions, Kshs 350 for the monthly Entrepreneurs café and Kshs 500 for the Quarterly Business Forums. (Further communication will follow with due time in regard to Bi_annual: Mentors Mingle and the Yearly: Talent Bootcamp) Your small contribution will go a long way in helping us handle logistics including but not limited to venue hosting, speaker Charges, event marketing, design works and so on. Let’s keep doing this good people! It’s Opportunity time.




Biz HUB options

¹Weekly: Business Conversations

² Monthly: Entrepreneurs CAFe

³ Quarterly: Business Forums





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