Mourn No More

  We Miss You Though! She taught. But putting it that way will be an understatement. She was a tutor and a school head. She was party to countless teaching fraternity and social organisations. Humanity was part of her heart and jovial best defined her. We talked but most of the time we talked and […]

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JULY 2016; The Round Up.

July 2016 “I have lived pain, and my life can tell: I only deepen the wound of the world when I neglect to give thanks the heavy perfume of wild roses in early July and the song of crickets on summer humid nights and the rivers that run and the stars that rise and the […]

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“Earthly Possessions”

Home Hunt: Part Two This is a sequential to a previous post “The Home Hunt” Find it here Home Hunt Read on…. …that question kept ringing in my head over and over despite the fact that I had chosen to respond positively having associated it to need assessment. He had asked to know what I owned […]

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Home Hunt

PART ONE:   So the landlord called to say he’s selling out that Mansion. He’s wrong. I thought. Why should he anyway? No he’s right. Am wrong. In fact Ave not been paying him the market price. But decision time is decision time. So he gives the option of linking up with the new owner […]

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The Barber

Hair Cut The Barber Over the weekend I hit the barber. It has since become routine. In fact I look forward to this visit. It’s defining, livid and worth ago. The station neighboring mine was aboard a young boy of age Nine-Ten or there about. The kid sat sinking in the couch as if he […]

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Fallen Soldier: Ali

For final farewell, Ali will draw the world to his hometown   So our self proclaimed “Boss lady” Hundah goes on twitter to put up some forty characters recording that Muhammad Ali is Fallen and we shall miss “Jicho Pevu”   So bad that you pass the wrong information in the wrong way with the wrong facts. That aside, Live […]

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Credit Rating

Credit The dictionary definition of credit rating is “an estimate of the ability of a person or and an organization to fulfill their financial commitments based on previous dealings”. Indeed in the current dynamic economies, its worth for everyone to take time to manage and make good their credit score. It long ceased to be […]

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When I Walk

Walking Seldom do I run, yes its seldom not unless there is a tragedy around the corner and everyone else is running then who am I not to join suit. No one waits for death seated. We die yes but we die trying, trying to outrun death there’s always kicks of a dying horse. I […]

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“Unknown African Man”

African Man         Time flies so they say but stuff happen. Stuff that is both good and bad, expected and unexpected. Nobody knows when nor how but stuff will happen whenever they want to. They are that stamping “freaking” bossy. So the other day Georges got an accident. I bet you don’t […]

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The Business of Pitching Tents

Tent pitching The Business of Pitching Tents It holds true that as Kenyans we are last minute people, i doubt if it’s by research but rather by hypothesis. We make decisions on the very brink of the 11th minute. Am a victim, you too stop nodding your head. Yes, you we have been on the […]

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