What Should You Believe?

MARK MANSON: Believe Not What’s True, But What’s Helpful Two men were in a bar in Alaska drinking and talking about God (two things that naturally go together). One of them men said: “Look, there is no God and I’ll prove it. Just a few weeks ago I got caught in a blizzard without any […]

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This World Is Not A Safe Place

WE CALL IT HOME ANYWAY You guys don’t know this, but apparently I slipped into depression. Why? It roots from some business mistakes I made which I am willing to share out in a different post if you guys fire up your patience nerves. I had the option to seek refuge in Valium but I […]

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The Two Tribes

Yes They Are Just Two Victory is sweet. Very sweet. Even in a dream. It’s still sweet. Okay, two gigantic men shield my. They are on a mission to go away with my phone. And perhaps my pancreas as a rider. Who knows, people in this town are chasing strange things. I am this confident […]

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Mat Culture

An Evolution of a kind Back in the day we’d buy a seat on a matatu to and from town just to listen to music. Of course the gods of time were generous and that was back in the day before the Milimani road out of Integrity house was renamed ‘Jakaya Kikwete’ road. Those were […]

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