Married To Art

It’s a way of life. have not done much to change the face of humanity but yesterday I helped a kid trace his parents. That, I am convinced was a bold step towards saving the planet. If I was a member of parliament, I would have summoned a presser and spoke into those mouthpieces and […]

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The best of the best.

Worlds best quotes 🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹 ⚫SHAKESPEARE _Never play with the feelings of others, Because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a lifetime._ _Coins always make sound, But the currency notes are always silent. So, when your value increases, Keep yourself calm and silent._ _Laughing do […]

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Young And Hopeful

Innocent Ngare Writes We as young Africans need to begin having honest conversations with ourselves. A few days ago, an event dubbed the Parliamentary Youth Dialogue was held at the National Assembly Chambers. The theme was creating “safe spaces” for youth in public governance (whatever that means). I talked to a few people who attended […]

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Who are you?

Glen_ MAP 4 Life institute A leader makes investments that followers interpret as sacrifices. An investment suggests a return whilst a sacrifice is associated with loss. An investment produces faith after value has been considered while a sacrifice develops fear because a price must be paid. Being confident that you can hit a golf ball […]

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Of The Yuan

And the change The IMF officially green-lighted the acceptance of China’s currency – the Yuan – into the IMF’s foreign exchange basket. According to Reuters, this move paves the way for the IMF to place the yuan on a par with the US dollar. This is the latest in a series of global developments that […]

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Second Class

America’s Insistence That Africans Must Wear Used Clothes. By Owei Lakemfa. Rwanda is a small landlocked African country with a 24,670 square kilometer, a population of 11.9 million and a GDP of $8.9 Billion. It is with this country, the United States (US) the world’s largest economy with a $20.412 Trillion GDP, a 9,147,420 square […]

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Something coming…

Tech Facebook’s stock plummeted from a high of $630B to $510B in terms of Net worth. Not a bad figure but stock owners weren’t happy. Mark Zuckerberg personally lost $15B’s in a single day with regards shooting from third to sixth Richest globally. The waves and tides settle at Tech. Before the above incident the […]

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