The Barriers

Breaking barriers to starting a business

In Summary

Starting business needs courage to break the biggest barriers which always drive your minds to negate your inner-core dreams into turning them to reality, so called entrepreneurship.

Gisiri Peter

Entrepreneurial researchers suggest that more than 50 per cent of employed people in our planet hate their jobs and secretly wish they could start a business of their own. Who knows!! Maybe you are among those cubicle workers, right?

Starting business needs courage to break the biggest barriers which always drive your minds to negate your inner-core dreams into turning them to reality, so called entrepreneurship.

Now may be the best time to start your own business. Entrepreneurs today have access to a wealth of knowledge, a variety of support sources and reduced startup costs.

Yet, it is not always that simple. There are many challenges that come with the decision to start a business. In this article, arm yourself with the solutions you need by exploring five of the most common barriers to starting a business and learning how to overcome them.

First and foremost is lack of money: Having enough money to start a business is one of the biggest reasons many entrepreneurs give up their dreams of business ownership. Forget the fancy office, the cool office chair and those glossy four-color brochures and create a successful business by bootstrapping it in the beginning. It doesn’t take big monies to start a small business; you can get started with virtually no money.

Lack of time is another challenge for just about everyone in today’s high-pressure world, not just entrepreneurs. But whether you’re working a full-time job or launching your own venture, time is a resource you can control. If you are willing to give up weekends, perhaps some vacations and put in the early morning/late night hours to build momentum, lack of time is no longer a barrier.

Dropping job for the sake of starting business you need to sacrifice a number of benefits that someone was getting under corporate world umbrella. Let’s face it, stepping out of the corporate world without benefits can feel like walking a trapeze without a safety net.

It can be easier for a younger, healthy worker to forgo health benefits offered by a company. But if you desire to be a startup entrepreneur and you have a family, health benefits remain a top concern. Think through your decision, consider using your spouse’s health plan or look into health insurance specifically designed for small business owners.

Another barrier is when there is no Family support. It’s difficult enough to give up the comforts of the corporate world to start a business, yet, without the support of your family and friends, the journey can be even more challenging. To win the support of your family, take the time to explain the business and build a solid business plan. If you can demonstrate how you have taken the time to think it through the process and minimize the risks, they will be more supportive.

Lack of courage is another barrier business jumpstart. Dig deep enough and you will often find the reasons for not starting a business are excuses. The biggest barrier to overcome is yourself. Fear is present in all entrepreneurs, but it is conquerable. In entrepreneurs, fear has been a strong motivator for them in starting and sustaining their businesses. And that same fear drove them daily to succeed. It’s a matter of learning to accept fear as a silent companion that you can beat every day.

Departing from the cube life takes dedication, guts and a little boldness. Millions of business owners have succeeded, and so can you if you’re willing to stop making excuses and do what it takes to get your business off the ground. Take the nose-dive today and join the entrepreneurial revolution. Good luck!!!

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