Management: Growth and Expansion

Growth & Expansion:   This refers to an increment in interest rate and market shares. a)investment growth -increase in the assets or i)Organic growth ii)Merger /acquisition   iii)Floating Equity share(IPO) iv)Borrowing – Bank financial institutions v)Factoring vi)Hire purchase vii)Leasing b)Market share growth:-the percentage proportion of the industry controlled by a particular firm in relation to […]

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Know your Doctor

What does your physician do exactly? My self and you cross the devil’s line and fall sick. It drains our systems. We hurt our big left toe. We scratch our nose and bruise our eye. Our ears ache from somewhere after the antenna. We feel the pain beckoning us to reach out and scratch but […]

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Campus reader?

Profitable business ideas for university students Make money while still young and have your generation covered. Universities are well known for their ability to offer a wide market to entrepreneurs because of the large number of students that live inside or around the university. With the flexible study hours it is possible for the university […]

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Management: Areas For Strategic Objectives

AREAS FOR SETTING STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES   -Strategic objectives are set on the organizational aspects that are critical in the success or performance of the organizational therefore we use critical success factors /key success factors (CFS KSF)/they include 1.Profitability area                                     6.Employees relationship 2.Productivity area                                     7.Public and social responsibility area 3.Technological areas                               8 .Quality -product /project quality […]

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The Very Very First Time… I don’t know but some of the times I stray. No! Its my mind that strays and wanders into a lonely world. Or is it place? While there, I stay on (and start to enjoy being there) and think of babies. I know it sounds girl_ish. Like the way girls […]

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The DIGITAL money mistake.

Online easy One would say technology defines us. And going by the depth of the technological innovations within the Fintech world, one needs no more proof. At a global scale we have made tremendous strides, so far not so bad. As a country in particular we are not left behind on the innovation wheel. Of […]

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The Case With Mental Health     Unfortunately depression or lack of it tends to be personalized than it is public. Healing if any will start from a point of personal acceptance. Rather than live in denial, one must accept they are, yes depressed (mental stress) and move with speed to seek redress. The elephant […]

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Socio_political Leadership.

BizHUB Alert! The speaker’s guide follows three key parts: Your Story (speaker’s Journey to date) The Business (Link to your story; How it marries) The Theme at hand The BIZHUB Content structure follows the following path: An introduction Industry overview A Background History Business model Revenue model Industry trends Industry forecasts The SWOT Question (Strength/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats; […]

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Management: The Language Of SWOT

STRATEGIC OBJETIVES   -Also known as strategic objectives (s.p.o) -These are those project objectives which are long to medium term in nature and which are intended to exploit firms opportunity and strengths and to handle firms weakness and threats . Characteristics Nature of Strategic Objectives (general) i)They are long to medium term in nature long […]

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