Management: Policy Limitations

Critique Limitations of Policies in Project management     1.Encourage bureaucracy ; policies which are not properly stated /framed pose the danger of being regulative hence contribute to the high level of bureaucracy in the organization running the project .this leads to delay and bottle necked in decision making ,inefficiency and wastage of time and […]

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A Brand Story

What’s your different Narrative? Ps: Interview Reporting by Daisy Okoti in a feature that ran on Daily Nation of Friday 23rd February 2018; My Network_People titled ‘Employment? No thanks… “A brand is not what we tell the customer it is – it is what the customers tell each other it is.” Scott Cook Intro It’s […]

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Comedy Culture

The Art of Comedy: A Business Perspective We’re so self-important. Everybody’s going to save something now. “Save the trees, save the bees, save the whales, save those snails.” And the greatest arrogance of all: save the planet. Save the planet, we don’t even know how to take care of ourselves yet. I’m tired of this […]

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Management: Policies Significance

THE STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE OF POLICIES TO PROJECT MANAGERS     1.Saves strategic time :     most policies are decisions that have already been made therefore if project mngrs come across such problems they do not have to make the decision again but proceed to execution straight away and hence saves time that would have […]

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When We Run

A Run every time…. I have a buddy. He hails from Mandera. When I call, I tell him Kenya is just fine. What about Mandera? Then he laughs his lungs out. You can feel them drop to the ground from that phone talk. I don’t know but Nairobi has not rained for a while now. […]

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The Write Art

SOCRATES WAS ONE OF THE SMARTEST PEOPLE WHO EVER LIVED: HERE ARE 24 OUT OF HIS MOST IMPORTANT QUOTES “We live and breathe words. …. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them. Reading your words, what you wrote, […]

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Management: Policy Levels

LEVELS OF POLICIES     -Refers to managerial hierarchies and which policies are formulated ,implemented, monitored, evaluated and controlled to achieve uniformity or standardization in whatever decision /actions management takes we have three levels. Corporate Business                                   >policies Functional/operational         corporate cascading downwards Business     operational     1)Corporate level a)corporate level […]

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A Corporate story

Corporate “Your comfort zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there but your potentiality can grow only when you can think and grow out of that zone.” Rashedur Ryan Rahman Here it goes… Every day, a small 🐜 Ant arrives at work very early and starts work […]

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Art Of Talking

The Rise and Rise of Talk_preneurship “Our uniqueness makes us special, makes perception valuable – but it can also make us lonely. This loneliness is different from being ‘alone’: You can be lonely even surrounded by people. The feeling I’m talking about stems from the sense that we can never fully share the truth of […]

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Management: Policies

POLICIES     Are generalized assumptions ,guidelines ,tenets or premises or agreements that govern management decision and actions in an organization   Difference between Mission & vision statement . . size :Vision statement is shorter and mission statement is longer in size  Wording :Vision statement use future continuous tense and mission statement uses present tense. […]

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