GUEST: A LOOK INTO THE FACETS OF TOTAL ADDRESSABLE MARKET.  *Adopted  While trying several funding options, I’ve come across this question: *”What is your total addressable market?”* The Total Addressable Market, also known as “TAM”, is a common metric potential investors and funders *use to size up your business opportunity.* And if you ever meet […]

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​Drivers’ Guide

Highway Mania.  For New drivers, young drivers – (especially first time drivers who bought cars this year) and are planning to drive to the village this Christmas  A car is very forgiving in city speeds and you will hardly notice any faults as the car will not be subjected to extreme physical conditions of highway […]

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​Kenya Against The World. 

We Rule!…  In my world I had long #resisted long before #Baba chucked his political bombshell list of what to use and or not. Being a Brand Enthusiast, am overly selective on what I stock at my crib in terms of the fast moving consumer  brands. Then missus comes in and she has preference for […]

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A guest bloggers perspective on the future of Bitcoin. (22nd)  Does it have any future whatsoever? Everyone asks. Personally I am as green in this field. But let’s find out from our guests perspective. Across the street however Tom, Dick and Harry asks me to join their Bitcoin networks. They say it’s the in thing […]

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Scars We Carry Okay lately I run on Saturday mornings and once in an able while when the financial gods allow, buy a once weekly gym session. I don’t know but I wasn’t influenced by peer pressure per see. Like running because people run. Naa. I just woke up. No waistline fats. Nothing. But thought […]

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Business Community 

Can we meet over Coffee ? Okay. I had no idea of how to title this write up then that idea of those chaps of sijui Nairobi Business Community crossed my mind. And I remembered how some Jamaas dressed in funny regalia with heads a forest of hair and nuts showed up on our newsrooms […]

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Behind Scenes 

​The Power play Politics of Allegiance  Every day we keep imagining that one day we will wake up and boom! There’s no politics to mind perhaps just slayqueens and Nyakundi and Paybills. Speaking of Nyakundi is Cyprian; boy he wakes up hating on ‘slayqueens’. He feels this obsession of power around him. They say absolute […]

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