MGT: Quality Leadership. 

Quality Leadership                                 X-tics of leaders      I. Give priority to customers internal and external II. They empower rather than control subordinates III. They emphasize improvement over maintenance. IV. They encourage collaborating rather than competition within org. V. They […]

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Criminalization Of Poverty 

​Being Wrong For being Poor.  If you ever watched 8 Miles featuring the now Grammy award winning Eminem, then you can attest how life was for him growing up in that Detroit Ghetto. I heard our very own Ekodyda recite the meaning of Ghetto on one of his poetic songs. He said it means Getting […]

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Eagle School. 

​SIX LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES TO LEARN FROM AN EAGLE.… A story is told of an a farmer who picked an eagle egg from the wild and made his hen sit on it and on hatching, the small Eagle lived all his life like a chicken would live. It buried it’s potential of being an eagle and […]

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MGT: TQM History

HISTORY OF TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT T.Q.M EVOLUTION – Earlier on craftsmen had no major emphasis on quality – they made spears and stone tools –              In 1930`s there was introduction of quality inspection teams –              1940`s – quality depts. Were introduced they insured:- Quality Assurance Coordination of dept quality III.           Document guidelines on Q.M Use […]

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Cosmetic Solutions 

How are we even here to start with?  And where are we? We are at a hard place. Where they say between a rock and a very very hard place. This is as individuals and as a country and as a world at large! But how did we get here?…

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​Events and Entertainment Media

EVENTS MANAGEMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA.  Events lately are ruling the air waves across town. Wide as they are events are a resonate brand positioning tool. In this episode we look at the events management as an entertainment media that could anchor a brand position. We are about discussing the entire event ecosystem. Ps: BIZ HUB: […]

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MGT: Quality Management

MANAGEMENT: QUALITY MANAGEMENT   Concept Refers to ideas, notions and beliefs related to a subject Definition Quality – Refers to fitness, customer satisfaction and meeting requirement s in a cost effective way relation to products (goods and services) Quality as a strategy T.Q.M or Q.M: Entails continually improving productivity n both manufacturing and service Customer […]

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​The Monster that every one thinks it’s a damn joke!  Wading the societal critical eye, am forced to start from a point of disclaimer that this Narrative is not at any means  out to paint Jubilee as good or  bad nor NASA as good and or bad again. Rather it’s a narrative that seeks to […]

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​Social Media_Blogging

Social Media, Digital Presence and Blogging Media Fast forward we have moved from the days when employees were reprimanded for spending company time on Social media to the days when kids are paid to spend all day on Social media marketing brands. Ps: BIZ HUB: MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY FORUM; Last Quarter 2017 Thank for […]

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