Young Entrepreneurs 

Guest:     5 NUGGETS OF WISDOM FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Entrepreneurship is not easy and a college diploma is no longer a golden ticket. The road to successful entrepreneurship in most cases is hard and takes  immense effort, energy and more often than not it needs a lot of money. So if you are brainstorming […]

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Cost of Friendship 

​Ever thought about Cost of Friendship?  By any chance you are a Kenyan reading this, you belong to some WhatsApp group owned by some bossy chap who by extension imagines he owns all of you because that WhatsApp group is his. He started it and God perhaps granted him absolute Powers to run it. Absolute […]

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Random Stuff

Finance  Am passing time walking down the streets of Google hopeful that I will bump on some billboard that reads “Your financial woes stop here” Why? Coincidentally, the financial gods have been gloomy thanks to the “can we talk after Elections” rhetoric. But mostly because we had promised the BizHub Enthusiasts that this week we […]

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Rest with the angels girls. “I don’t know but I smell diversion tactics. Moi girls. Then Nyakach. Then Ukunda. It might be natural calamities at play. But then again options are as open as day that the cartels feeling the heat might be out to play mischief and sway Mwananchis attention from matters at hand. […]

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Thirty Five. 

POSITIVE THINKING There’s this Narrative of when it comes to life there are three kinds of people. Those who watch things happen. Those who make things happen and those wonder what happened. On my way home (read upcountry) there’s a house on the hill. That place is half rocky, half hilly. It’s along Kisumu Kakamega […]

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Kuria Vs Public Court. 

Hate Mongering Kuria Vs Public Court 2017  Saturday I attend this wedding. A long time friend was walking down the aisle. A girl. She had sent me five reminders in succession every morning  like those peace prayer challenge forwards. So I give in. I walk into House of leather at the sleeves of pioneer house […]

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Self_help Business. 

The Best Self-Help Advice Ever 1. Be yourself I once heard a monk say if you meditated nonstop for 20 years, the answer you would arrive at is “be yourself.” There is tremendous freedom in just being you. It’s better (and easier!) to be a first-rate version of yourself than a third-rate version of anyone […]

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​Justice delayed is Justice denied! “And when we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard nor welcomed but when we are silent we are still afraid So it is better to speak remembering we were never meant to survive” —Audre Lorde Personally I feel we will be judged by what we said […]

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Second thought 

​Just a random Business thought.  Polite Notice: Of I assured you it will only cost you three minutes of your precious time, would you mind starting at apologies? 17 Reasons Why Some People Are Not Successful. Numbers 4 & 16 Are Must Read. Mark Zukerberg invited 5 people to his Harvard dorm room 12 years […]

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