Jack Ma was In Town

Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about this legend:
1. Harvard university rejected his applications 10 times.
2. He applied for jobs and was rejected 30 times. The interesting one is where he applied for a job at KFC, and while 24 people had applied, 23 were accepted. He’s the only one who was declined.
3. His first salary was $12 – 15 a month.
4. He raised Alibaba’s capital ($60,000) in two hours by inviting 18 people in his apartment and talking to them about his vision.
5. He learned English as a teen by giving free tours to visitors in Eastern China for 8 solid years.
6. His first career was an English teacher.
7. He’s worth $24billion
8. He performs mass weddings for his employees.
9. He’s barely computer literate.
10. He was the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the Forbes’ cover.
And the list goes on and on. 
But from the story of this Alibaba legend and Founder, I learn that your education background, other people’s opinions, amount of money you have and type of job can’t define your destiny. It’s about being passionate to pursue your dreams and rising up each time you fall.
Now points from his Public lecture

Jack Ma, Richest Chinese and founder of Alibaba- World’s largest e-commerce platform address at The University of Nairobi. Below are highlights of his speech that I have archived in my soul.
1. If you want to be a big company solve big problems, if you want to be small, solve small ones
2. Hire better and smarter people. Hire people who have potential to be your boss in five years time. Don’t hire people who want to be your servants.
3. Productivity is directly proportional to relationships created
4. When you see people complaining that is where opportunities are found.
5.If you have hopes, dreams and a plan you can make it without money 
6.Change will not come if we await for some other time
7. To reach the top , listen to others and learn, learn, learn and never stop.
8. Jealousy and hatred is of cowards and lazy people. To be great you befriend those who are doing well.
9. Dare to be different
10.Hire more women, they care so well others
11. “When you read too many successful stories you think you will be successful, stories of failure teach you something. ”

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