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Happened to Check on my friend recently, and he’s refined his art big time. His business slogan reads “A business with no sign is a sign of no Business” Sure how do you run a business with no sign to show unless you are into some ‘below water stuff’ Here in the hood they put it you are a ‘pharmacist’ to mean you do DRUGS. That now sounds illegal. His is a fine trade. The work of his hands is what puts bread and butter upon table. He’s a straight guy who lives by his words. He prints, paints but most importantly he draws virgin Art. He’s the type who will draw you up in 3D. Just as his business slogan interestingly reads “A Business with no sign is a sign of no business” his works of art stand commandeering loud. 
Think about Art and Art is innate. Art is metaphorical. Art is a sophistication. It’s a communication that’s surreal. Art lovers will tell you that with this undeterred passion. Like hunters determined to bring a hunt home. Myself for example, I acquired a piece of art. She’s a nice painting of a Turkana girl. She maintains the same spot, same posture even with house change. I look at her and some strong message comes to mind. I adopted her from the original curator. She stared and beckoned and I reached for the wallet. With art you don’t buy. It’s kind an of adoption. Yes some people can’t just understand how and why  you part some dollars for a piece of art. The art makers themselves overprice their pieces however. So girlfriend says we look a like (me and the kid on Wall not the other way round) I wish you saw how I frowned at that but we spare that for another day… But do we? So today in our weekly Friday BIZ HUB series we want to look at Drawing Art; the business aspect of drawing art. 
A BACKGROUND: Drawing Art 





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Legal Services Within the Artists Industry 

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PS: Fellow Art lovers find it Welcome to join the Biz Hub community this evening for our continuing Weekly BIZ HUB business Conversations as we dissect the art world. At Paris Hotel opposite Cianda Market Mfangano Street from 5.30 pm to 8.30pm. Welcome 



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