CHARACTER For along time now, we have been talking about different narratives here. We are all about different narratives. If you really want  to connect the dots entirely please pick up this amazing journey; start at home at last, find out what’s purpose and if it excites you go through the comments section. Take a […]

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Social Entrepreneurship 

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP  We are living in the Experience Economy age and slowly but gradually gravitating towards a transformational economy. The journey however started way back from a commodity economy then goods economy then service economy coming to experience economy headed towards transformational economy. So it’s argued in the Experience Economy, business people are far concerned […]

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Sickness With all due intention, I wanted to write ‘sick’ like your usual guy. Then that word ‘sic!’ crossed my mind. Yes girls write sic! When pissed off and sickness for me is that thing that pisses me off. So I wrote ‘sic!’ But girls am thinking will have their own language by the year […]

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Jack Ma was In Town.  Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about this legend: 1. Harvard university rejected his applications 10 times. 2. He applied for jobs and was rejected 30 times. The interesting one is where he applied for a job at KFC, and while 24 people had applied, 23 were […]

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WhatsApp Culture 

WhatsApp  Please note am out to use the word WhatsApp with a disturbing capital ‘A’ centered for about two hundred and one times. Just incase you had to know foremost!  That afternoon is been this boring. It’s Friday. Our usual BIZ HUB Weekly event for the week was cancelled for some reason logistics. That leaves […]

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Land Question

LAND These days all and sundry are  buying land.  Following is a step by step process to follow to avoid the path of being conned or rather just ensuring yuu stay on the right side of things: Land Map Visit the local surveyor and purchase maps of the place, normally two, one drawn to scale […]

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Comments  Section 

COMMENTS Disclaimer: This is all about comments and what people said. And what it might mean or not mean. It’s like a girls gossiping WhatsApp group. If you are cut from that piece that thinks it’s doesn’t add up knowing what people said, sorry but it’s like you are earmarked to wrap out here. Otherwise […]

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Drawing Art 

Art Enthusiasm  Happened to Check on my friend recently, and he’s refined his art big time. His business slogan reads “A business with no sign is a sign of no Business” Sure how do you run a business with no sign to show unless you are into some ‘below water stuff’ Here in the hood […]

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Deadline Monster

Deadlines Friday 30th June 2017 at 11: 59pm, I kuwad Mkenya mtrue. I file my tax returns and they send me an acknowledgement via email. I breathe a sigh of relief. That’s another twenty thousand saved. Just like that. I had wanted to do it early but for some reasons Kenyanisim, i do it on […]

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