The KENYA NATIONAL ARCHIVES Do you know how many people meet at the Archives? Do you? Let me just leave it at; the figure will surprise you! Stands centered, old but domineering right at the heart of town. The Archives has a disturbing yellow outlook like her very fast painter was a kao. It’s rich. […]

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Business Basics 

​Business Basics  This year 2017 we all resolved to give a jab at enhancing our Business Acumen. The journey began at Biz Hub proceeded to Business 101 then Your Cut. In a nut shell and for the first weeks of January, all we have done is introduce the discussion on business, look at the business […]

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A Dark Cloud

A Dark cloud And that’s why I wanted to write it off before 2017 goes any further. Yes before that tenderprenuer who was awarded the rain Contract by Jubilee delivers. It must be a decade behind us now. I was barely out of teenage hood worried more about adolescent issues than the outcome of the […]

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Your Cut

BUSINESS IDEAS IDEA Generation To think fluidly and generate lots of ideas, here are some suggested principles: Defer judgment: While generating ideas, critical and judgmental thinking must be suspended. Focus your energy on finding ideas and bouncing your thoughts off others with fluidity and open-mindedness.

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A football Match

A football match You will have had a busy week. The gods will convince you that a football match on an idle Sunday afternoon will go a long way in chasing time. Not that football for you is a matter of life and death. In fact you don’t even bet but you understand SportPesa is […]

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Business 101

Business 101 Week One: A quick recap perhaps; The Biz Hub is a forum where individuals meet and kind of brainstorm on ideas. To juice it up; The Biz Hub is a land of opportunity. You walk in meet serious witty people who will give you countless insights into life and business as they listen […]

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Management 202: Statistics Uses/Limitations

Statistics: Uses and Limitations USES OF STATISTICS IN BUSINESS Decision making: Statistics provides a value base for making decisions Planning: Statistical methods are used in making forecasts which are important components in planning. Quality control: Statistics is used in setting standards within which the business operates Auditing: standards expected verses Actual performance. Statistics helps in […]

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Please Note

Just a reminder. Buying a mobile phone SIM card from a hawker could land you in jail for six months or a fine of Sh100,000.

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