Financial IQ

FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad, Poor Dad Without this financial knowledge, which I call financial intelligence or financial IQ, my road to financial independence would have been much more difficult. I now teach others in the hope that I may share my knowledge with them. I remind people that financial IQ is made up […]

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Prime Belief

The Prime Belief Mark Mason; self-Knowledge In the mid-19th century, a boy was born into a wealthy family. From the beginning, the boy suffered serious health issues: an eye problem that left him temporarily blinded as a child, a terrible stomach condition that forced him onto a strict diet, and back pains that would plague him […]

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Pocket Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas:   It is that time of the year again and as they say Santa Clause is coming to town. Yes, Santa is you. All and sundry expect to give and receive in appreciation of the birth and life of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. By Statistics, Christmas is the most […]

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Management 202: Re_Insurance

BUSINESS LAW RE_INSURANCE Every insurer has a limit to the risk that he can undertake. If at any time a profitable venture comes, the insurer may insure it even if the risk at hand is beyond his capacity. In order to safe guard his own interest, he may insure the same risk partially or fully […]

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Choose One Buy 5

Choose One free Buy Five You have been to Ardams Arcade lately right? I hit that place often. It happens I pass through there even when I least expect. I pass there on my way to my dig. I pass there aboard my usual routines and especially Saturdays. Point is I am in Ardams Arcade […]

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Courtesy Of PAWA254 Art has a long engagement with society. Art has always helped communities to express their feelings of today. Art must always be put to the service of community. PAWA Festival, 18th December 2016.

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Entrepreneurial Skills

Skills of an Entrepreneur Guest: Larry Kim founder of Wordstream  understanding the skills and traits of successful entrepreneurs helps sharpen your own focus, guiding which areas you’ll need to focus on to improve your own chances of success.

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BYOB Tv Show

BLAZE BYOB TV SHOW TO AIR ON KTN AS BLAZE ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH STANDARD GROUP   Safaricom Director- CBU, Sylvia Mulinge (right) and Standard Group Managing Director- Broadcast Division, Joe Munene, sign a partnership between Blaze BYOB and Standard Media

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