Mourn No More

  We Miss You Though! She taught. But putting it that way will be an understatement. She was a tutor and a school head. She was party to countless teaching fraternity and social organisations. Humanity was part of her heart and jovial best defined her. We talked but most of the time we talked and […]

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Mind Your Own Business

Business Advice When you start a business, suddenly everyone wants to advice you – your mom tells you not to take risks, your former boss tells you that the market for your product is flooded and your financier tells you to pay yourself last. Well, the thing is not all this advice is worth following. […]

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Management 202: Commercial Arbitration

Business Law      COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION Arbitration means a written agreement to submit present or future disputes to arbitration regardless of whether or not an arbitrator is named in the agreement .The person appointed to determine a dispute is called an Arbitrator. The proceedings before an Arbitrator is called an Arbitration and the decision of an Arbitrator […]

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Society the Judge

No, Society the Judge, the Jury and the Verdict Laura Somebody Vs The Public Court 2016 In the above mentioned case, The Plaintiff (a young Kenyan Female) brought forward to the social Media Public court a case against the Defendant (an adult male employed at a Telco) in which the Plaintiff provided electronic evidence of […]

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Market Study?

WHY STUDYING YOUR MARKET IS IMPORTANT In business, you conceive, develop, and refine your products and services. You do everything you can to make your offering as compelling and useful to a potential customer as it can be. You need to make sure that you are prepared to meet the demands and opportunities of your […]

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Management 202: Official Receiver

BUSINESS LAW OFFICIAL RECEIVER As soon as the debtor is declared bankrupt, all his properties are placed in the hands of an official receiver appointed by the court to conduct bankruptcy proceedings. When the official receiver takes over the property of the bankrupt , it becomes his duty to sell the property at reasonable price […]

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Mpesa and the Caution

How MPESA Criminals Operate. The world fast forward has grown into a small global village. Technology is at the forefront of innovations that are tremendously changing lives across the world and in Africa of particular. The home grown MPESA is on a global record as one of such examples of mobile telephony innovations that are […]

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Robert Kiyosaki’s 10 Crucial Elements to Financial Freedom You want to get ahead, but you’re barely making ends meet. The rules aren’t working for you? You want to build financial security and wealth and stop living day-by-day. Robert Kiyosaki, one of America’s most noteworthy investors and businessmen, learned about business from two people: his father, […]

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Management 202: Bankruptcy Law

BUSINESS LAW BANKRUPTCY LAW Generally a bankrupt means a person who is unable to pay his debts. However no person can be called bankrupt unless a competent court declares him as a bankrupt. Therefore a bankrupt means a person against whom an order of bankruptcy has been passed by the court.

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The Betting Craze

BETTING CRAZE He staggers forward, fumbles and balances himself from falling, wins the ball, controls with his chest then his bow-shaped legs with combination of both skill and passion. Experience takes the center-stage. The crowd cheers in ululations which seem to super charge his energy, he dribbles past the shabby midfielder, curves past the gigantic […]

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