EDUCATION 101: Vendor Selection

VENDOR SELECTION Consideration of the right Vendor While a definition of a good supplier which would be acceptable to everybody would be difficult to write, there are a number of attributes which might be regarded as desirable. The attributes of a good supplier would include a supplier who: Delivers on time Provides consistent quality Gives […]

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Success Factor

You are the success you want Guest blog by: Saeema Salim; Head Management Consultant Aasan Solutions Ltd. What is it like to accomplish your goals, create freedom and live a life full of adventure and passion? That journey may sound like a fairy tale but you can make it real. It all starts with one […]

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BLAZE: The Business Aspect

Originally posted on Opportunity:
BLAZE: We Are The Chosen ? If there is something Equity bank for example can be credited for then its Market turn around of the Kenyan financial sector. In the earlier days when banking was for the chosen few, Equity bank ran an identity campaign tagged “…Na mimi ni member!” and…

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The Round up: June, Freedom

June     Baby June was a good one to say the least. Domicile weather. Lesser notorious stuff you know? Enough reason to conclude Baby June was a great one! We do that real fast before the Ipsos-Synnovate chaps walk in and start demanding for figures.

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EDUCATION 101: The Right Quantity

Principles of Purchasing and Supply Management Regular requirements are bought either for stock or for direct use in operations or production. Part of the functions or stock planning and control is to calculate what quantities are needed and when they are needed to meet requirements for stock or for production, manufacturing or assembly-type organizations.

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What Do Teachers Make? Adopted from the Readers Digest March 2015 By Taylor Mali from the Book “What Teachers make: In Praise of the Greatest job in the world A searing retort puts a dinner companion in his place when he asks What do teachers make? He says the problem with teachers is what’s a […]

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PRINCIPLES OF SUPPLY AND PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT   QUALITY CONTROL AND QUALITY ASSURANCE Quality control has been defined as the operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfill requirements for quality Quality control is concerned with defect detection and correction. Inspection activities can be classified as quality control processes, along with the other activities which […]

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