When I Walk

Walking Seldom do I run, yes its seldom not unless there is a tragedy around the corner and everyone else is running then who am I not to join suit. No one waits for death seated. We die yes but we die trying, trying to outrun death there’s always kicks of a dying horse. I […]

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Too Big a Brand

Brand Dominance   TOO BIG A BRAND Sometimes back, I used to sell in shop in some ghetto and all the mama’s would say “Kijana niuzie Omo ya sunlight” or rather “kijana una Omo ya Toss” I found it funny but to them it is the only way it made sense. It brings us fast forward to […]

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EDUCATION 101: Purchasing and Procurement

PURCHASING PRINCIPLES   PURCHASING AND PROCUREMENT Purchasing and procurement are often regarded as synonymous terms. Procurement is strictly a wider term than purchasing .Purchasing implies the acquisition of goods and or services in return for monetary or equivalent payment, while Procurement is the act of obtaining something in any way including force. Purchasing term is […]

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“Unknown African Man”

African Man         Time flies so they say but stuff happen. Stuff that is both good and bad, expected and unexpected. Nobody knows when nor how but stuff will happen whenever they want to. They are that stamping “freaking” bossy. So the other day Georges got an accident. I bet you don’t […]

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The Business of Pitching Tents

Tent pitching The Business of Pitching Tents It holds true that as Kenyans we are last minute people, i doubt if it’s by research but rather by hypothesis. We make decisions on the very brink of the 11th minute. Am a victim, you too stop nodding your head. Yes, you we have been on the […]

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EDUCATION 101: Marketing Management Philosophies

Principles of Marketing MARKETING MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHIES Management is the process of achieving an organization’s objectives’ through others. Marketers need guidelines regarding their conduct in the market place. This is because, conflicts are bound to arise between the needs of the society. There are five competing concepts that, may govern the operations of companies. The production […]

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Street Families

Families on the street   Its common phenomena but as common as it is it’s not something we should accept to live with. Not when there’s an option to work it out. I don’t really profess to know how but it’s a matter all can think about. Back in time a one Honorable John Michuki […]

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Street Business

Business On Street     STREET BUSINESS Silicon Valley is the in thing that side of the world. It boosts of the biggest and the boldest names in business. It’s a story of global brands, brands that came conquered and re-defined how the world does business. Some chaps argue that here at home River Road […]

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EDUCATION 101: Pricing Decisions

Principles of Marketing   PRICING DECISIONS Price can be defined as a measure of value exchanged by the buyer for the value offered by the seller it is the worth of a product. FACTORS INFLUENCING PRICING DECISIONS The factors influencing pricing decisions can be classified to as either Internal or external factors. Thus: Internal External

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Thank you all.

Thank you once again   The weekend happened  and  what a nice weekend it was.Thanks all of you favourite community first and foremost for the warm wishes and most importantly for being part of this community. In the spirit of solidarity, SALUTE!

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