The Business Capital Question

Business capital 6 Creative Ways to Raise Capital For your Small Business in Kenya When it comes to business, Capital posses as the Elephant in the room. Offered here is six proposed ways by which this aspect can be approached: Use Retained profits. Take advantage of asset based financing. Look for venture capitalist to fund you. […]

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Gifts in contemplation of Death   (Gifts In Contemplation of Death) The phrase “Donatio mortis Causa means gifts in completion in death. It refers to a situation where a person who is in danger of death as a result of illness or some imminent danger transfers property to another person without going through the normal […]

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What is in a Name?

Power of Names What is in a Name? The Business of Naming In a day aboard the daily business I happen to meet a couple of people. Interestingly they call me by different names. Have come to realize, bottom line it depends on how and where we met. So I hear “Tony?” of course that’s […]

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EDUCATION 101: Pricing.

Principles of Marketing Price can be defined as a measure of value exchanged by the buyer for the value offered by the seller. It is the worth of the product. Pricing is influenced by both internal factors (marketing objectives, marketing mix strategy, cost of production) and external factors (The demand, supply, type of market, consumers […]

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Man Enough

Or is it Just Man? Or is it Just Man? It’s Friday late night probably. The real setting of this scenario is in a crowded poorly lit posterogene/hesterogene filled club on a famous a street that shouts twenty-four years in town. No, I have remembered. Its way past midnight, please go back and correct up […]

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This Man Business

The Guide To becoming A man: Goldman Sachs We’ve all seen and perhaps grown tired of guides and lists that are rife with tedious clichés and full of humdrum regurgitated meme wisdom. For that very reason, @GSElevator — in collaboration with John Carney (@Carney) of — presents a fresh, and hopefully thoughtful, look at what it […]

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