“Calamity that rung no bell”

We are not going to operate
We are not going to operate going to operate our spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody……Buckminister Fuller.

Its almost four years after. On this day i woke up rather earlier than usual but unconditionally, the blazing sun was already high above my head. I could feel its rays penetrating my already heat infested skin. My first stroll was towards the big river Maskhandia towards the lower edge of our farm. It had now for a long time been the chief source of community water. Oops! the sight of the low lying stream left me scared out of my wits. A section of the wealthy river was totally dry and splashes of oasis-like pools were visible along it.

Back to the farm, the gaping dry soils were not refreshing enough to my eye sight1 Being an agricultural society, farmers had long done with all the stages of land preparation but no rain was forthcoming! “What can be wrong?” this question needing an answer sounded rhetorical to everyone. It was the usual planting season, but the surrounding conditions were not favorable. Pastrolists lost their animals to the merciless drought and the government bought the ‘living’ carcass at a throw away price. Its several years after the Copenhagen Climate talks and the situation is not yet back to normal. A good example will be our very own Turkana semi desert that is always swept away by floods at the onset of the long rains!  A blessing in disgust indeed. With or without community’s knowledge, disaster after disaster  hit around the globe. The irony of it all was in as much as the drought was harsh on us, news of droughts drowning away people nagged our ears. Elsewhere the winter winds were too cold for the residents. Reporters and news agencies were turning focus on news about freak storms, heat waves, melting arctic ice, persistent floods, droughts and so on.

Evidently these and much more to come are plain signs for the worldwide disaster-climate change: a common term to all but best known only by the scientists. Many linked it with the mixed prophecies about the end of the world. Its a high time that society got awareness that we indeed contribute to all this. The pinch of its effects grows sour as we advance in technology. Our transformations in life are indeed our killer. From the little knowledge i have been able to gather, Climate change is all due to the green house effect that has brought about global warming. The bitter fruits in reward of the indiscreet human activities through the struggle of making a living. This vise being recurrent is promising more storms, unexpected droughts, floods and unpredictable weather. The face of the earth is changing drastically.


Being a matter of global concern, everyone has a role to play in ensuring that we create a habitable world for us and generations to come. For instance, policy makers and concerned individuals and corporates need influence. We need people planting trees, designing wind turbines and choosing to walk rather than drive. We also have to rethink our consumerist  behavior, embrace recycling thus create a society where we share the worlds resources fairly and don’t over-consume but live within the planets ecological limits. Moreover, its possible to establish environmentally friendly homes with efficient appliances to cut down on energy consumption. Small scale  renewable sources such as solar panels and ground source heat pumps can be used as energy savers.  Transport emissions can be minimized by traveling less and embracing public transport in place of private means. Air travel is also to be avoided to bring total reductions in the average carbon footprint from transport. As a society, we can cut on carbon used to make goods by buying less stuff, basing a healthy diet on locally produced seasonal food and minimizing food wastage. Its time it dawned on us that the bell rung in time but maybe the sound was too loud for our ears.



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